Director: Harry Yuan

Producer: Jennifer Yuan Martin

Producer: Jennifer Yuan Martin

Who are we?

We're a production company based in San Francisco, CA. We love working with and creating videos for businesses that are making a difference. Filmmaking is a powerful tool and we want to help our clients get their message out there.



Harry Yuan

Making videos became a passion for Harry in 2010. Winning a fitness video competition emboldened his personal project of documenting his travels around the world. By 2011, Harry was creating client videos for food companies and small businesses. In addition, he has had the opportunity to be in front of the camera hosting such shows as "Kung Fu Motion", "Route Awakening", and "Day of Gluttony", which he produced and directed as well. Having worn many hats in the realm of filmmaking, Harry brings a well-rounded perspective to filmmaking. For Harry, creating videos is more involved than just pointing a camera and shooting; it's about extracting a compelling story and making an impression.



Jennifer Yuan Martin

Leaving the mundane 9-to-5 workplace behind, Jennifer joined her brother in the world of filmmaking. Since 2012, she has helped produce short and long form internet videos including "Day of Gluttony", which showcased 24 restaurants in each episode, all shot in one day. Production of 24 restaurants in one day isn't an easy task, but Jennifer led this production successfully. Her dedication to the production has put her on both sides of the camera as well. Jennifer is not satisfied until she knows she's done all she can to make the client, cast, and crew happy.